Notes from &:conf

Over the weekend, I was at an intersectional, feminist hacker camp up in the woods in Sonoma county. Under the hazy sky (there were several large wildfires in Northern California, but we were not in danger) I had a chance to talk with people about name-related issues for trans and genderqueer folks. A longer document’s underway, but here’s a takeaway from our 30 minute session:

  • Facebook should have a ‘flag’ to prevent repeated demands for id.
  • Facebook and anyone requiring documentation for names needs consistent policy on retention of copies of identity documents
  • Google has free form name field, and then parses it without requesting user correction
  • Your service should be asking for as little identifying information as possible
  • Stop pushing for singular, cross-site/service identity
  • Make a test suite for names, starting from the falsehoods post

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